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Code of Conduct

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More Than A Kinder

‘Clyde Street Kindergarten is more than a kinder;  it’s a caring, supportive community which has welcomed our whole family with open arms’

Georgia Jahnke

Clyde Street Kindergarten Logo

Engaging Indoor Space

‘Don’t be deceived by the humble facade! The engaging indoor space and the vast, lush outdoor space make CSK one of Thornbury’s best kept secrets.’

Cat Colaci


Learning through play

‘As an Early Childhood Teacher my goal is to be a facilitator of activating each child’s own natural desire to learn using play to achieve their full potential.’

Maria Callegari

Director & Educational Leader

Code of Conduct for parents/guardians, students, volunteers, contractors and visitors

I commit to contributing to creating an environment at Clyde Street Kindergarten Inc that:

• respects the rights of the child and values diversity
• acknowledges the vulnerability of Aboriginal children, children from a culturally and linguistically
diverse background and children with a disability and has zero tolerance of discrimination
• maintains a duty of care towards all children at the service
• is committed to the safety and wellbeing of each child at the service
• is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all staff at the service
• provides a safe and secure environment for all at the service
• provides an open, welcoming environment in which everyone’s contribution is valued and respected
• is committed to communicating openly and honestly
• is committed to continually learning how to be inclusive and respectful of cultural needs
• encourages parents/guardians, volunteers, students and community members to support and
participate in the program and activities of the service.

Relationships with children

In my relationships with children, I commit to:
• being a positive role model at all times
• encouraging children to express themselves and their opinions
• allowing children to undertake experiences that develop self-reliance and self-esteem
• maintaining a safe environment for children
• speaking to children in an encouraging and positive manner
• giving each child positive guidance and encouraging appropriate behaviour
• regarding all children equally, and with respect and dignity
• having regard to each child’s cultural values
• respecting individual difference including age, physical and intellectual development, and catering for the abilities of each child at the service.

Relationships with the approved provider, persons with management and control, nominated supervisor, staff and others.

In my relationships with the approved provider, nominated supervisor, staff, other
parents/guardians, volunteers and visitors I commit to:
• reading and abiding by the Code of Conduct policy
• developing relationships based on mutual respect
• working in partnership in a courteous, respectful and encouraging manner
• valuing the input of others
• sharing our expertise and knowledge in a considered manner
• respecting the rights of others as individuals
• giving encouraging and constructive feedback, and respecting the value of different professional
• respecting the privacy of children and their families and only disclosing information to people who
have a need to know as required under the Privacy and Confidentiality policy
• following the directions of staff at all times
• treating the early childhood environment with respect
• raising any concerns, including concerns about safety, as soon as possible with staff to ensure that
they can be resolved efficiently
• raising any complaints or grievances in accordance with the Compliments and Complaints Policy

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