70 Clyde Street

Thornbury, 3071

03 9484 4140

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More Than A Kinder

‘Clyde Street Kindergarten is more than a kinder;  it’s a caring, supportive community which has welcomed our whole family with open arms’

Georgia Jahnke


Engaging Indoor Space

‘Don’t be deceived by the humble facade! The engaging indoor space and the vast, lush outdoor space make CSK one of Thornbury’s best kept secrets.’

Cat Colaci


Learning through play

‘As an Early Childhood Teacher my goal is to be a facilitator of activating each child’s own natural desire to learn using play to achieve their full potential.’

Maria Callegari

Director & Educational Leader


Our Policies are the basis from which the Kindergarten is administered and run on a day to day basis.
Please find these below for your consideration and reference.

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy Oct 2020

Administration of First Aid Policy July 2021

Administration of Medication Policy July 2021

Anaphylaxis Policy May 2020

Asthma Policy July 2020

Child Safe Environment Policy Sept 2020

Code of Conduct Policy Sept 2021

Code of Conduct Staff Acknowledgement Policy

Complaints and Grievances Policy Nov 2021

Curriculum Development Policy July 2020

Dealing with Infectious Diseases Policy July 2020

Dealing with Medical Conditions Policy April 2019

Delivery and Collection of Children Policy Dec 2019

Determining Responsible Person Policy June 2021

Diabetes Policy May 2020

Emergency and Evacuation Policy Oct 2020

Emergency Evacuation Procedure 2020

Enrolment and Orientation Policy May 2020

Environmental Sustainability Policy July 2019

Epilepsy Policy Oct 2021

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy March 2019

Excursions and Service Events Policy Oct 2020

Fees Policy July 2019

Food Safety Policy Sept 2021

General Definitions Policy May 2021

Governance and Management of the Service Policy July 2019

Hygiene Policy March 2021

Incident, Injury, Trauma, and Illness Policy Oct 2021

Inclusion and Equity Policy Oct 2021

Information Communication Technology ICT Policy July 2021

Interactions with Children Policy Sept 2020

Managing Complaints, misconduct and unsatisfactory performance Policy Oct 2021

Nutrition Oral Health and Active Play Policy Oct 2021

Occupational Health and Safety Policy May 2021

Participation of Volunteers and Students Policy June 2021

Prevention of Harassment and Bullying Policy Nov 2020

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy Dec 2019

Road Safety And Safe Transport Policy Dec 2019

Staff grievance Policy Nov 2021

Staffing Policy May 2021

Sun Protection Policy July 2020

Supervision of Children Policy August 2020

Water Safety Policy Nov 2021