70 Clyde Street

Thornbury, 3071

03 9484 4140

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Clyde Street Kindergarten Logo

More Than A Kinder

‘Clyde Street Kindergarten is more than a kinder;  it’s a caring, supportive community which has welcomed our whole family with open arms’

Georgia Jahnke

Clyde Street Kindergarten Logo

Engaging Indoor Space

‘Don’t be deceived by the humble facade! The engaging indoor space and the vast, lush outdoor space make CSK one of Thornbury’s best kept secrets.’

Cat Colaci


Learning through play

‘As an Early Childhood Teacher my goal is to be a facilitator of activating each child’s own natural desire to learn using play to achieve their full potential.’

Maria Callegari

Director & Educational Leader

Our educational program focuses on strengthening children’s learning, development, creativity, curiosity, inquisitiveness, sense of belonging, sense of being and sense of becoming.  We do this is by focusing on each child’s Identity, their connection to community, their wellbeing, learning and communication. Children acquire learning across these areas at different rates, in different ways and at different times. We recognise that each child is unique and capable.

The program is developed and presented by our highly experienced teaching staff, who facilitate learning experiences and activities as well as listen and assist the children to evolve their own ideas and interests in a supportive and engaging environment.

We focus on PLAY being a child’s natural way of learning, which promotes the development of social skills, engagement in their environment and exploration of what they are able to achieve.  Our principles of being an inclusive and respectful environment are embedded into our daily activities and practices with the children, families and staff.

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